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Catch mouse move events in Internet Explorer and Netscape


How can I catch mouse move events both in Internet Explorer and Netscape? I need to keep track of the current position (in pixel coordinates) of the mouse on the document.


You need to see if IE or Netscape is running by checking for document.all or document.layers. Note that the code to access the event coordinates for Netscape 6 is different than for Netscae 4 and 5. Even the event handler registration is different for each browser.

The example works for Netscape 4,5,6 and IE 4,5,6.

<SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript1.2">
 function mouseMoveHandler (evt) {
   var x = document.all ? event.clientX : document.layers ? evt.x : evt.clientX;
   var y = document.all ? event.clientY : document.layers ? evt.y : evt.clientY;
   window.status = x + ':' + y;
 if (document.layers)
 if (document.layers || document.all)
   document.onmousemove = mouseMoveHandler;
 if (document.addEventListener)
   document.addEventListener('mousemove', mouseMoveHandler, true);

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