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Dating scammer Rhoda Naa from Accra, Ghana


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2019-10-04, 08:26:38   (updated: 2019-10-04, 08:27:18)
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2019-10-13, 20:29:52
my best friend been scam from ghana now for 5 years by a girl name Bellinda Torres is been sending money to get a heritance i believe is not existing from one of is oncle that paas away is been sending thursand of dollars to this girls they keep telling him it the last money he as to send before they make a big money transfer to is bank account but they allways come up with some thing new for him to send money he fall for all of this am sad to see him getting scam where do i turn tu to get an investigation on this matter

2019-10-14, 16:35:27
anonymous from United States  
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2019-11-17, 16:31:13  
Please be aware of this Cameron in red Mary Williams sending nude photos first tried to scam me for over 2 months although she was unsuccessful she did hurt me everybody be worth these people do not care

2019-11-18, 05:44:42
anonymous from United States  
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2019-11-23, 18:49:40
anonymous from United States  
Johanita Duran also goes by the name Jolie Mercy. Claims she sells Jolie Mercy Jean's. She said Johanita Duran stole her pictures.
2019-11-23, 21:09:26
anonymous from United States  
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So which one is the real owner and which is the scammer? I am so tired of fighting and ... Re: scammers with pictures of Johanita Duran. Postby ...
2019-12-08, 04:58:28
anonymous from Germany  
Evelyn jakpa

2019-12-27, 03:53:26
anonymous from Australia  
SHe come with name Christiana Rayla Anagonu 31 yrs old met her on dating website ask me to come to google Hangouts called her few times but cant hear her or she cant her me anyways ask me tht I can help with money and then I ask her to show me some ID she denice in nice way saying my ID is expire and its at my uncles place and all that send me nudes and video chat seams to me is recorded. Please be careful Im lucky enough to pull the pin before she get in my pocket.

2019-12-27, 23:48:37   (updated: 2019-12-27, 23:49:30)
DOC from United States  

2019-12-28, 00:34:33   (updated: 2019-12-28, 00:35:34)
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2020-01-08, 21:37:08
anonymous from Canada  
Open Letter from Ontario ancient Women

Women sharing the story of the missing and murdered sisters is a way to tell your family and honour the women, And to respect them.

Women sharing the story of the missing and murdered sisters is a way in order to and honour the women, And to respect [url=]moldavian girls[/url] them.

THUNDER BAY Women The Ontario Native Women's Association wish to express publicly our withdrawal of support for the continuation of the Inquiry in its current format and approach. After monitoring the progress of the Inquiry to date, As well as researching the Chief Commissioner, Mariin Buller concerned with July 6th, 2017, Describe the movement of the Inquiry as 'super speed' In spite of many delays within the last 10 months, We no longer have faith that this Inquiry will meet its mandate and work properly with families and communities.

We want in reality. you want an Inquiry. We were a part of the advocacy since 2005 that led to this Inquiry. We want the Inquiry to provide families with the requirements to be able to share their stories of loved ones. We want families to access the answers that they need and for their experience at the Inquiry to be part of a larger healing journey. We also want the Inquiry to honour the females and girls, To hear the lessons from their stories; And transform these lessons into powerful ideas for governments, web based and communities to take up. We want the Inquiry so that you families in their healing and to help Canada, Indigenous nations and communities to provide the guideposts to the alterations we need so that we do not lose any more Indigenous women and girls to violence. We do notbelieve that the Inquiry in its current construction can achieve these outcomes.

The inquest, As it is currently formed, Is leaving us with significant doubts on the knowledge of achieve their mandate. Our considerations include:

that) Restarting the hearings in Thunder Bay

The Inquiry intends to restart their hearings in late 2017 in Thunder Bay, Ontario, In the week of september 10th. At the announcement the Chief Commissionerdescribed how they are working 'in a tree' To prepare for these hearings. If they were working on the ground then they would know that Thunder Bay is not a good option to start in Ontario at this time. As she was holding her press seminar, Thunder Bay was just finishing an emergency two day meeting concerning the deaths of First Nations youth in Thunder Bay. The emergency session quickly moved to a broader discussion on how this violent act is just one example of the racial violence happening in Thunder Bay.

If in fact the inquiry was on the floor, they will also know that Thunder Bay, In recent times, Has been having many issues including: gangs, Homicides, physical violence, And sexual exploitation of native women. The OIPRD has launched an investigation in the City of Thunder Bay. as June, 2016 the coroner's inquest on the deaths of the seven First Nation youth concluded with 145 guidelines, And made clear there's problems of racism in Thunder Bay. true of Adam Capay spending four years in solitary confinement in the Thunder Bay Correctional facility spurred the investigation by the Ontario Ombudsman's office and has led to a larger provincial investigation. The ongoing attempted abductions of young mothers and their kids; And the latest deaths of Barbara Kentner as well as 14 year old Josiah Begg and 17 year old Tammy Keeash and other recent violent deaths in the city has left Thunder Bay vulnerable and in crisis mode. How can the Inquiry think this is the right place to start the Fall Inquiry hearings?

If the Inquiry had been working on the ground then they would have contacted community agencies that are working with the families and town.

We expect that Indigenous individuals in Thunder Bay that provide services to Indigenous people would be contacted as partners to provide supports. Our community and families will be in need of healing services for their grief and trauma triggered by the process. ONWA has not been contacted, Despite repeatedly contacting the Inquiry with a clear commitment to support them in their work. There are approximately 12 Indigenous service associations in Thunder Bay. To our competence, None most certainly been contacted. Who will be supporting community members after the week of September 10th when the Inquiry leaves? Who will support them whilst that week? As though using Pre Inquiry sessions, Our communities were triggered and leaving agencies like ONWA to be reactive in crisis mode to support the families in providing healing services and meet their needs is freewheeling.

Located rrnside the Terms of Reference the work of the Inquiry is to be trauma informed, Respect communities and increase safety of ancient women. How does coming to a residential district in crisis reflect these values?

m) The lack of commitment and willingness to find families

We recognize, as of July 2017, Only 400 families have made experience of the Inquiry. of the 400 families, Each passes through a health process and then a legal process. Only 60 have reached the legal process.

let's consider who needs to be reached. The Pre Inquiry engagement sessions led by government entities had more than 2000 survivors and families members participate. The Native Women's alliance of Canada in the final report of Sisters in Spirit named over 500 Indigenous women who were lost to us. The RCMP give an account had 1,118 housewives lost to us. That report did not include all of the NWAC names and did not include all of the police forces online. when you realize RCMP report, there was clearly another 40 women and girls lost to us. the globe and Mail, APTN and CBC have been diligent in making sure that their stories are told.

Each province and territory developed an Order in Council that committed them to work with the Inquiry in sharing information that they had of Indigenous women and girls who are missing. We confirm that in Ontario, The Ministry of the attorney at law General, through Indigenous Justice Division, Has done a superior job of compiling a list.

We expected the Inquiry to work pleasantly work with everyone who had names of our beautiful sisters and mothers. We then expected them to reach out to each family, To acknowledge their loss and to ask them if they wish to participate in any way with the Inquiry. even though a family wanted to participate in the Inquiry, We can be wanted the Inquiry to connect families with services and programs to support their healing.

g) the lack of culture and ceremony

Where are the Elders in guiding this method? Where is the kindness and respect that you will find reflected in all the interactions with the Inquiry if culture was at the core of this Inquiry? Part of our culture is to respect the voices of all Indigenous women no matter what their social and economic status; The Inquiry must not perpetuate violence against Indigenous women in this process by silencing the very voices that are the cornerstone of this Inquiry. The Inquiry must not further discriminate against native women based on their healing journey; All Indigenous women must be respected in this kind of.

Furthermore hosting only one regional session for the entire province of Ontario is not acceptable, As 22% of the Indigenous population in Canada has a romance with Ontario. this method does not address the diverse traditions of Indigenous peoples in the Province. As per the Terms of Reference that the Inquiry process is to be culturally most ideal and honour the diverse cultural traditions of Indigenous peoples.

t) the absence of strong Indigenous women's leadership

Indigenous women's leadership is about effort and being helpers in our community. We want to see strong Indigenous women reflected in this kind of. We have expected the Commissioners to show that strength in the direction they planned, Engaged with us and the way they engaged challenging families who have lost someone.

native women are strong and we are regaining our strength. By referfing to the level of violence in our lives we are showing our strength. Every family member who is willing to go through the Inquiry process is doing this work because they want answers and want to heal. also, there are thousands of family members who are not likely to be part of the Inquiry process but we also see them as leaders. could be showing resiliency and strength. We recognize the effectiveness of the family members who are leading this country by being prepared to share their pain and grief and their resiliency. We also recognize the people who will not use the Inquiry as part of their healing journey. We expected the Inquiry to honour all visitors.

We support and be aware of the Open Letter sent on May 15, 2017 highlighting concerns around not recognizing and supporting Indigenous women leaders that have a lot to offer and are the ones with the obligation to do the work on the ground in the communities. moreover, We bring to your attention your directive 'Provide any person having substantial and direct interest in the subject matter of the Inquiry with time to participate in the Inquiry,

How is the denial and non recognize of Indigenous communities, Agencies and women's council's treatment for standing reflective of this directive?

lots of examples of communication issues: the positioning lacks information; There has not been any contact with Indigenous women's services; The short and sudden press releases; The piece meal approach to advise sharing; The delays in credit reporting standing with the Inquiry; The lack of information as to what that will mean; And there isn't any coordination and/or communication with communities. Communities are vital to this process as they will be the ones to do the work after the Inquiry, And following the commissioners have moved into another session. There is a cultural protocol across many communities that needs to be respected and honoured called 'Reciprocity' And you must travel on a road of mutual respect to make change, And be trauma wise.

A huge concern regarding communication relates to the value of listening, As an Inquiry you must be able to listen to the concerns and ideas of communities and Indigenous [url=]moldova dating sites[/url] women to provide substantive specifications in the final report. In order for communities and expert witnesses to be prepared to present they must be well informed and be part of the process.
2020-02-01, 12:52:24
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