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Display of the poster's geographical information


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Over Christmas (Dec 26th, 2006 to be precise) I experimented a little with extracting geographical information from poster's IP numbers.
Yes, I do and have always stored the IP numbers of posters. I think every standard message board software would do that. It makes it a lot easier to administrate the postings, e.g. to move all posts made by a certain person on a certain day to a separate page.

The IP number is stored but never displayed on the site.

The IP number can be used to make a guess where the poster is from. In almost all cases it actually means information on the user's ISP. For example my home IP number is
If you plug this number e.g. - into a web site like, then you will find out that I am located in San Francisco, California. This is not exact though. My ISP - SBCYahoo DSL - has a hub there. I live about 70 miles south of San Francisco, in a different county.

My thought was that it would be interesting to see where every poster is writing from. So I downloaded the freely available database "MaxMind - GeoLite Country | Open Source IP Address to Country Database" and added it into this site.
I displayed next to each poster the city, state (region) and country where they seemed to be from, together with a little flag.

I did get an email from an unhappy user, who voiced privacy concerns. I had not realized that in some cases, the database could be fairly accurate - in this person's case it had correctly guessed a small town (where he lives in).

So I removed this functionality again.

What do you users think? Would you find it interesting to see geographic information displayed? I could make it an option - like a checkbox

"Yes, display 'xxx' as my geographic information"

Where xxx would be whatever the database suggests. The default should probably be 'unchecked'.

If I get no replies at all, I will not further spend time on this.

UPDATE: (January 10th, 2007)

when you post, you can now choose to display city and country, or just the country or hide your geographical information alltogether.

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2008-04-22, 11:22:45
OJAS from United States  
2008-04-22, 07:23:34
''Brit near Moscow'' - Good luck to you, and her ... I hope other Brits don't learn English from you! ... Ta Ta!
2008-05-05, 08:46:52   (updated: 2008-05-05, 08:48:02)
[hidden] from United States  
where can i locate a persons ip address.where do i get this info from?My personal acct is a simple free acct with msn windows live hotmail.please help very new to all this stuff.
2008-05-26, 17:54:06 from Jordan  
2008-05-28, 10:52:22
anonymous from Canada  
ok wondering if any one got somthing from this girl called jessaka lafferty, she is trying to get banking info from me and wants to send an large amount of money , witch i think is an scam , i was wondering if this person i s an scammer trying to just get my info for somthing can any one help me ?. her email is jessika
2008-05-28, 12:37:15
OJAS from United States  
2008-06-05, 20:57:59
anonymous from United States  
reguarding the isp tracker. some woman from ghana was chatting with me.. and then her lawyer contacted me.. i did the isp thing found out it was the same person. there was no lawyer it was a scam.. so it help me to deside not to go to ghana for this woman.
2008-06-13, 07:25:47
Robert from United Kingdom  

Having posted some pictures on this site recently is there a way I can have the post and pictures deleted?
2008-06-13, 08:29:42
OJAS from United States  
If you had posted some pictures sent by a scammer, they need to stay here for exposing to the next would-be victim. Victims of stolen pictures will see and post their rebuttal.
2008-06-19, 18:29:08
[hidden] from Mexico  
Good day anybody!

I wish to know about melkonyan.anna @, thanks. see you guys!

2008-06-20, 22:22:11
anonymous from Jamaica  
am glad i found this wed site cause these bitch try to pull a scam on luckly i found the site jus in time this is a really good site
2008-06-25, 02:51:46 from Philippines  

I am Jay from the Philippines, just would like you to know that this site is cool, very informative.


2008-06-25, 07:36:22
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2008-06-25, 10:35:28
Peter from Germany  
2008-06-27, 09:35:22
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2008-07-08, 04:43:32

Any info on how to delete the pictures/profile? Also, currently, my location is shown, is there a way I can hide my location next to the profile?

Can anyone help?
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